Calling all MEN.

In the Bible, God often teaches and speaks on the important influence and individual role that only a man can fulfill. That men were created by God to be leaders, men are meant to be strategic, and men were created by God to be strong in spirit.  We really feel that for our next Discipleship Training School, it is vital to have men. We know that God has called men to be in Paris for a unique reason.

Why men? Just like men are needed in the church, we need men in our schools. Not only do they have a special authority and role of protector, but we also need all types of gifts and characteristics to be a complete representation of the body of Christ. God never asked for a bunch of arms, legs, or just women to make up the body of Christ, but He said that it was necessary for all of the body to be functioning in its individual gifts to make a whole (1 Corinthians 12:27).

In Paris there is such a need for strong men who know their identity in Christ, who know the authority they walk in, and have a passion for pushing forward. We feel like God has big plans for the men on our next school to be men of influence and men who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Jesus was never a man who just sat on the sidelines and let others do all of the work, He was in the front line with His other disciples leading and instructing by action.

As a DTS team we really feel it’s important to call out you, MEN! Yes you, to walk in the fullness of who God originally created you to be! Don’t shy away from the call God has for your life, but go in head first with power and joy!

If you are not convinced by this blog so far, read one of our past student’s experience from his DTS with us in Paris.

Randomly one day I stumbled upon the YWAM Paris website and saw that they were going to be running a DTS. It said “Culture, Food, and Arts” DTS and to be honest, an “artsy” DTS was the last thing I was looking for. I had in my mind that I wanted to do something along the lines of an “adventure” DTS. However, for some reason I felt the need to fill out an application for the Paris DTS and see if I got accepted. I had already been to Paris once and had enjoyed my short time there—I never imagined going back for more than a quick vacation. Within a week I was accepted and 4 months later I flew to Paris to begin the DTS. At the beginning, I struggled with being in a “French” city and living the urban life. Soon though I found that Paris had a lot of things that attracted me. For example, I was able to travel the entire city via the Metro visiting historical sites, ancient churches, and famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower. I was able to walk through the streets of one of the most well known cities in the world while growing in my relationship with Jesus. I was also able to build strong friendships with the other students on my DTS and grow in my confidence as an individual and as a man. By the time my 6 month DTS was over and we had returned from an incredible time on outreach in Asia, I felt like Paris was my home. I had a place there and it was great. I felt like a pro walking the city streets, speaking the French that I had learned, and asking God what else there was for me. I knew that I wasn’t called to Paris long-term, but man did the Lord sure give me a renewed love and perspective for the city. I wouldn’t have done my DTS anywhere else.”




Á la prochaine!