Reaching the Nations in our neighborhood!

We are so blessed that we live in such a multi cultural and diverse neighborhood like Belleville! All one has to do is walk out the front door of the apartment and within seconds be met with a North African woman dressed in bright colored traditional dresses, or a little Chinese kid zooming down the hill on his scooter, or pass by the mini market owned by a family from Bangladesh. It’s every day that we get the privilege of interacting with the nations!  It was just another normal day when one of our staff, Lucie, was checking up on the tea towels that were in the dryer at the laundry mat and met a couple of African’s from Mali.

When Lucie first went to the laundry mat she noticed a man and a woman doing their laundry but she hadn’t spoken to them. When she returned back to grab her towels from the dryer she noticed them still there and curiously just asked God if He had a word for them. God instantly told her Spirit that one of them had pain on their shoulders and knees. At first Lucie just felt confused, was the word for the man or for the woman? Forgetting to ask God who actually had the pain, she just walked up to the man and asked him if he had pain on his shoulders or knees. The man just looked at her and gave a straight answer, no., and left the laundry mat. From that moment she knew it must have been for the woman.

At first Lucie asked if the lady had pain in her lower back and right away she said yes! Before she could even ask the lady about her knees, the woman added that she also had pain in her knees! Wow God really DOES speak!

Lucie asked the woman right away if she could pray for her in the name of Jesus, the woman then told Lucie that she was actually Muslim, but that she could pray for her anyways. When Lucie was done praying for her, the woman said she felt the pain leave from her lower back!

After that Lucie stayed at the laundry mat and helped the woman fold her laundry, while telling the woman all about the Gospel and how much Jesus loves her and wants to completely heal her and have a relationship with her.

            Lucie still isn’t sure if the lady’s pain went away all the way, or if she is even thinking about how Jesus wants a relationship with her, but she still prays that God will reveal His truth to her.


“…But God wants to bring the truth and not the lies. And true healing.  Through the Holy Spirit we are capable of anything, but with our own strength it’s impossible. But it is really important for us to pray that the Holy Spirit will show them in their dreams. They need to have a personal revelation. And for us to love them.”

À la prochaine!