Marseille Staff Mini Outreach 2013!

We didn’t realize that there was more to France then just Parisian life, until 8 of YWAM Paris staff traveled on a 16-hour bus journey down to Marseille, France for a mini outreach and adventure with God! In our prayer times for Marseille we really felt like God wanted us to bring joy, a childlike Spirit, and give worship to God in the city. God also made it clear to us to encourage our fellow YWAM friend Cordula, who is re-pioneering a YWAM base there. We felt led by God to be a prayer blessing to her and to encourage her faithful steps in following God’s voice for Marseille.


Every morning we prayed and asked God what His plans for the day were, and He imparted on us all ideas for the day. It was so special that God has a desire to create the day with us; we were really blessed in those times. So each morning we grabbed out our maps and notebooks and figured out how to fit all of the quests He had asked for us to do. So we joyfully worshipped and danced at beaches, blew God’s blessings over the port through prayer and prophetic acts, laughed and drew with chalk with kids around the downtown area of Marseille, and just really embraced the childlike Spirit of following our Dad to do whatever He wanted us to do!


It really showed for the time that we were there that God really wanted to show us how to work as a team, and not just depend on our own knowledge. One time we tried taking a boat to a beautiful beach, but we accidentally took the wrong boat. All night it seemed like we kept on missing buses and having to walk all over the place, but even in times like that God really kept our vision ahead on the goal. That HE was, is, and always be the head of our team and that we are just lost children without Him. How humbling and beautiful!


We were only in Marseille for 4 whole days, but for each day we really trusted God that He would be the one to continue to sew in the grounds of Marseille and bring His presence and His will to that city!

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