to be Valued

One of the things God loves is small beginnings. He adores redeeming cultures. He specializes in taking what the enemy thinks is “his great idea for destruction” and creates it into something beautiful!

We as YWAM Paris continue to be amazed by the quality and ability God has to restore things that became “of this world” and to take it back for the Kingdom of God, especially with art!

One of our staff, Ellie, has a passion for redeeming photography and giving back the glory to God when using this type of art form. Man likes to take credit for photos, but really photography is just capturing a tiny glimpse of what God already created.

Last Wednesday two of our staff, Ellie and Lucie, went out around Notre Dame with a camera and a heart for just following the Holy Spirit with what He wanted them to do. On their walk to Notre Dame they just asked simple questions of whom they should talk to, and God gave them a little hint, he said “blue shirt”. It wasn’t long before they spotted about a dozen people in blue shirts. At least the options were open!

They got to speak with around 25 people that day and got to photograph nearly all of them. Some people were shy, but when they saw their photo on the tiny camera screen their eyes lit up.

The goal of that time was to show VALUE to people, let people know that what they are doing no matter how small or big is worth a listen. That they were created in the image of God and are worth to be told they are BEAUTIFUL.

Hopefully one day we will try to get permission to post the photos, or maybe even get a special blog going, but for right now God is just budding a desire to get out there. So we shall see where this takes us!

À la prochaine!