Hibernation season is over!

Hello from YWAM Paris!

We have come back to life in Paris with an even stronger army working to bring the Kingdom of God to the city! In the past few weeks all the staff have reunited in Paris, including four new staff that have joined the team! So God has been doing exciting things in Paris, and bringing new staff isn’t the only one.


We have made it our challenge to improve our French language, especially since all of us are second language French speakers. God has really put on our hearts the importance of understanding and being passionate for the French culture, specifically through the French language. It has been a huge challenge, but it is so incredible having the Creator of languages on our side encouraging and empowering us to learn French!

Also we have been on a roll with distributing of jobs to our new staff. It’s wonderful how just a few extra hands can really make all the difference in running a YWAM base! So if we haven’t responded to your email or Facebook comments we are on it now, so check your inboxes! 😀

We really are thrilled to be back in the Parisian culture; to visit the café’s, to play soccer with the youth in the park, and to seek out God’s heart and will for Paris. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers and for the support!


À la prochaine! (Until next time!)