DTS 2012 is just around the corner

We cannot believe how fast the time is moving! Before we know it, February will be here with a new group of young adults from around the world who are hungry to know God more!

(why we're here)

We are so excited about our 17 accepted students, but are even more excited for those still applying! If you are interested in joining us on this 6 month adventure, be sure to apply by December 10th!


 Now, we realize that it’s been awhile since we’ve updated the ol’ blog (it may have something to do with Roxy being in the states…), but here are some things we’ve been doing in Paris:

Life is pretty busy here at YWAM Paris, with everyone either preparing for the next DTS or going strong with our other ministries. So we think it’s important to find time for the finer things in life. Like…

go sports!

– cheering for the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team during the World Cup with some of our fantastic friends! Go sports! Try hard!


Isabelle + Amber (+ yum)

-welcoming lovely visitors to YWAM Paris along with their lovely gifts! (Thanks for the chocolate, Agi!)














-and, of course, playing…erm, I mean cooking in our awesome café/resto Kiwizine!