Eight weeks into DTS and we finally find a wee bit of time to update the blog! That is just to show how crazy it has been since we have posted the last blog…

Not only is this our first ever DTS in Paris, it is also an all girls school YAY! In Febuary we welcomed fourteen beautiful girls from The States, Hongkong, Brasil and France into the YWAM Paris family. Our weekly schedual starts with three days of lectures, worship, intercession, French class, history class, small groups and one-on-one’s. On Fridays and Saturdays we do different kinds of local outreaches, where we aim to serve the community of our neighbourhood and, on a larger scale, Paris.

These local outreaches helps us to connect to the Parisian people, but also prepare us for the big outreach in the French world, for which we started counting down the days. We will leave mid-May….South East Asia here we come! The school will be divided into two teams, visiting two countries. Currently we are in preparation phase in terms of researching the country, its culture, social and political climates/issues, current events, making connections to serve and work with the local ministries, last but not least, fundraising. The fundraising is real adventure because we still have to see a large amount of money come in.  We have different ideas to raise money and support; we are connecting with local churches, doing bake sales and collecting change, among other things. But knowing that it is all about God and relationship, we are spending a lot of time praying and seeking after Him for strategies. We would really like to invite you into this process, either by prayer or by supporting us financially.

Some thoughts from our staff, and students:

Linsey (USA) “It’s great that the students, the staffs, and the speakers are from all over the world and we are forming a Parisian family! The speakers also inspire us to think out of the box!”

Ange (Hong Kong) “I love how each of us is like a spice, adding a unique flavor to the school, and the aroma is spreading from Belleville across the City of Lights thru making new friends and local outreach, and this will continue in our international outreach!”

Jordan Chulski (USA) “The worship at YWAM Paris has been great time of growth and renewal, offering our gifts to God, declaring His glory, and inviting the Holy Spirit into our hearts and the heart of Paris.”

Desireé (USA) “One thing I’m going to take with me for life is the French cultures, respect and appreciation of community meal times, they take time to enjoy conversation, good food, and great company!”

Amber (USA) “Starting this DTS was God’s idea and He is the one making it work.  We’ve had a lot of fun so far!”

Marthe (The Netherlands) “I love how our DTS has it’s own flavour, applying the general DTS principles to the city of Paris and in doing so creating something very unique.”