10 Weeks To Go!

Hello Everybody!

We now have 7 official students, and 2 new staff members who would like to join us! Things are moving along, and we are so excited. Carrie and Amber are working out the curriculum. Roxanne has the pleasure of emailing students and responding to inquiries. Jono holds us all together and reminds us that it’s important to stop for lunch breaks. There is lots of organizing, emailing, creating of documents, and prayer going on at YWAM Paris. Here are some subjects for which you can join us in prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Housing for students and staff
  • Funds for students and staff
  • God’s guidance for those who are still praying about applying
  • More students!
  • Rest and renewal for our team during the upcoming Christmas break

Only 10 weeks to go, folks! Get excited. We are!